Our Rating 4.5/5
Users Rating 2.75/5
Megabus is one of the major bus operators in the United States. URBUSES.COM is a fan Megabus due to their cheapness (8$ between Philadelphia and NYC), their double decker buses, their cool blue aisle lighting, the frequency of service, and the uniformity of their bus design including black leather seats (every bus is the basically the same). They are famous for offering 1$ tickets and advertise this on the side of all their buses. Megabus requires passengers to show the driver a reservation number before they board. Due to it’s double decker design, Megabus holds more passengers than standard bus lines. More seats is great when passengers ride in under-booked trips and have more space to spread out but it can increase the likelihood of encountering a disruptive traveller during crowded trips at peak hours. The sheer size of the company and the number of routes and daily trips it offers sets it apart from most of the bus industry. This combination of quality and frequency makes Megabus the ideal bus line for the low budget traveler. Tickets:


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Extremely rude staff!! Bus came an hour late and I was yelled at for putting my backpack on the seat next to me. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!