Our Rating 4.5/5
Users Rating 3.83/5
BoltBus is the premier bus line for educated and technology focused passengers. BoltBus is a subsidiary of Greyhound Bus Lines. BoltBus is popular among young professionals who want to save money on intercity travel. Because of this, it has gained a reputation as the “Yuppie Bus”. BoltBus was created to compete with low cost chinatown bus lines that had grown in popularity due to their cheapness. Most buses on this line have black leather seats and feature the option to recline. Every trip URBUSES.COM has taken on this line has featured plentiful outlets, tinted windows, and spotty wifi (like almost every bus line). BoltBus allows passengers to use e-tickets to board unlike Greyhound which requires passengers to print out their tickets. Overall BoltBus is a high quality bus line with modern conveniences not featured on other operators. Tickets:


Guy next to me ate smelly food for an hour then treated the bus like his own personal WeWork. He was talking on the phone about his startup for three hours! Loudly too. The entire time! I left the bus as he was telling a guy he didn't want to invest in his business because it couldn't "scale" how he liked (yuck!). Usually a good experience but this made me not want to ride on a inter-city bus ever again! But i'm poor so probably will.


I generally take Bolt Bus if Amtrak is too expensive. The wifi can be spotty but the outlets always work and its generally pretty comfortable.


Left on time from NYC. Arrived on time in DC. Nothing fancy but the price was right.